For a Unique Holiday in Greece, Try a Walking Tour

Published On January 22, 2016 | By Davin Jasoon | Tour Tips

Everyone loves going on holiday, and one of the most exciting aspects of a holiday is deciding where you will go and what you will do while you are away. These days, many people research unique and rare opportunities to enjoy their holiday, which means that vacation and travel companies have to keep up with these demands. One of the most interesting holidays involves tours of a certain area via self-guided walking tours. Regardless of your fitness level, walking tours offer a unique holiday that includes exercise, fresh air, and beautiful scenery along the way. These walking tours offer an experience you are not likely to forget anytime soon.

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How Do Walking Tours Work?

When living in Europe or any other country, one of the most popular places to visit is Greece. Greece offers natural beauty and gorgeous architectural sites that thrill anyone who visits the area. From historic sites to beautiful scenery, Greece has something for everyone and there are now companies that offer walking tours so that visitors can further enjoy their experience in the country.

Walking Tours Work

Although most of these tours are self-guided, this doesn’t mean that you are completely alone. The tours provide detailed maps so you know where you are at all times and even make suggestions on things to do at each point during the trip. In fact, each day is planned out and described in detail, with most days offering a variety of activities such as sightseeing, picnics and rock-climbing. The tours make it convenient for the traveller to get from one place to another, even moving your luggage from one hotel to the next, so that all you have to do is enjoy your walk through Greece.

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Walking Tours Offer Many Attractions

Greece walking tours provide a lot of variety. The various tours that are offered are tours that last up to seven days and explore areas such as West Crete, the Cyclades Islands, Corfu, and Paxos. Along the way, you will enjoy authentic Greek restaurants, attractions in Athens that include the New Acropolis Museum, and the beautiful coastline of the Libyan Sea. Each tour can be taken at your own pace, so whether you are an experienced trekker, or this is your first walking tour, you can rest assured you’ll be comfortable during the trip. In fact, visitors are encouraged to take their time each day so that they can take full advantage of everything the area has to offer.

Holiday Greece Attractions

Finding Self-Guided Tours

Finding the ultimate walking tour is only a matter of visiting and researching on the Internet. Companies that offer these tours have extensive websites that offer not only details of the tours themselves, but also beautiful full-colour photographs of the areas you’ll be visiting, to whet your appetite. Tours are also reasonably priced and usually include accommodations, ferry tickets, luggage, other transfers, and an information packet. In short, the tours offer everything you need to enjoy your trek through Greece at a price you can afford. When visiting Greece, there is nothing quite like a self-guided walking tour to fully enjoy the area.

SelfGuided Tours

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