Go on a Self-Guided Cycling Tour for Your Next Holiday

Published On February 18, 2016 | By Davin Jasoon | Holiday Guide

Whenever one thinks of a holiday, the first thing that typically comes to mind is a retreat to a tropical resort in the Caribbean, a couple of days in a popular metropolitan city, or something in the wilderness away from the busy world of mobile phones and progress reports. Very rarely do people sign themselves up for unique trips, and when given the opportunity to do so, they shy away out of the fear that they are simply ‘not meant’ for that kind of travel. A hot travel package that is starting to gain more popularity in the media is a self-guided cycling tour. In this article, we will explain what they are and why you should definitely book one for your next time away from work.

Self Guided Cycling Tour

What Are Self-Guided Cycling Tours?

The premise behind this kind of trip is very straightforward. For one or two weeks, you will spend each and every day cycling towards a new destination as part of a path that eventually takes you back to where you began. You are provided with a detailed map with clear directions for the entire trip, and there are multiple stops along the way. There are regular stops for viewing the scenery, enjoying the great cuisine of a new culture, and ending the day in a luxurious hotel. On some days, you will get the privilege of giving your legs a rest by hopping on a ferry ride on the way to your daily destination. You can choose to go on one of these trips alone, although experienced travellers have sworn that the experience is much more enjoyable when done with a group of friends. Cycling holidays from Hooked on Cycling, or any other reputable company offering these packages, are definitely worth your time if you are looking for a new type of holiday to embark on.

definitely worth your

What Should I Know About Self-Guided Cycling Tours?

If you have never gone on this type of trip before, there are a few helpful things that you should know in advance. First, please check with your physician to ensure that you are in good health to go on a cycling day. A typical day of cycling ranges anywhere from 18-30 miles, and may be very difficult for somebody who does not have good cardiovascular endurance and stamina.

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It is also important to know exactly what is provided in the package that you purchase. The total cost will usually include bike rentals, hotel fees, travel insurance, luggage transfers, and ferry fees. However, please read the package contents carefully to ensure that you have not missed anything. If you have any plans for taking children with you, ensure that they are also in good health to be taking on these types of tours. Although you will be supervising them, the trip will become much more difficult to complete on time if frequent stops are needed to give them time to recover from exhaustion.

frequent stops are

If you are tired of the usual trips that are offered and are looking for something new that will renew your spirit and your health, cycling tours might be the answer that you are looking for!

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