Going by Campervan Along Australia’s West Coast

Published On October 8, 2016 | By Davin Jasoon | Travel

Some places are just more impressive when seen by car or campervan. And in some cases, over land might be the only way to access a location. Australia’s western coast is a case of both. Many of the cities and towns are just better when seen by campervan, while most of the stunning beaches and beautiful hillsides are invisible to those choosing to fly from destination-to-destination.

A trip up or down the west coast is not nearly as popular as the east coast trek from Cairns to Sydney, but it’s all the better for those who do choose to drive this incredible stretch of coast. The reason for the fewer travellers along the west coast is its remoteness.

Beginning in a Great City

The perfect place to find cheap campervan hire in Australia is in Perth. Perth is located along Australia’s western coast, just perched above the Indian Ocean. The city itself is a beauty, but the beaches a short drive north or south of the city centre are the real stunners. The perfect west coast road trip begins in this beachy city, which is located a huge distance from any other metropolis.

A Short Trip South

Renting a campervan in Perth allows you to start your trip with a short drive south down the coast to the Margaret River. There are no other airports that service the area, therefore the lone way there is by road. An overnight stop right along the water is the best way to do it. With a campervan you can truly experience the calm and simplicity of the Margaret River by sleeping along the river’s banks.

A Line of Beaches

Stretching straight from Perth to Exmouth is a string of sand. It is nearly impossible to describe the colour of the water or the perfectly white strips of sand. The only way to see these beaches is by exploring the road that runs from Perth to the north. A car will take you there, but it will not let you spend the night on the sandy shores. There is nothing quite like waking up at a campsite a few meters from the perfect surf break or going to bed watching the brilliant sunset over the water.

As well with a camper you can stretch out the length of your drive. You need to move from small town to small town very quickly with a car, whereas with a campervan it is easy to take your time and enjoy the brilliant views of the Indian Ocean. If you want to spend some time exploring the empty outback that butts up against the coastal waters, there are less concerns on how and when to head back to the intended route.

Reaching the Remote North

Some places seem made to be explored by campervan and the western coast’s northern towns are ideal examples. There is not much to do beyond the ocean’s waves and reefs, therefore you are not missing out by seeing many places through a campervan window. What you do see is beautiful and remote, which is the perfect combination for a fantastic road trip by campervan.

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