How to Take a Winter Road Trip

Published On January 1, 2017 | By Davin Jasoon | Travel

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you and your family can’t have an amazing vacation. However, taking a road trip in the winter is a different sort of adventure. You will need to pay a little more attention to the weather in order to stay safe. However, the benefits of getting out and exploring the country during a beautiful season can make the extra safety measures seem worth it.

So what sorts of things should you expect to need to prepare for while embarking on a winter road trip adventure? Well, there are a few things you’re going to need to know, but once you feel like you’re prepared for it, you can get out on the road, enjoy yourself alongside your loved ones, and see the wonderful sights that the country has to offer.


The problem with driving a little car during winter is that it’s very light, which means that it’s not very durable. A light car doesn’t have a lot of room so piling into one and driving on slippery roads can cause the weight distribution to be off. You might be interested in renting something a little more heavy-duty such as an RV, for instance. USA RV rentals are very easy to find and there are a lot of affordable models that you can rent if you feel like you’d rather drive something a little bigger that can handle being blown around in the winter wind and things like that.

An RV can also double as lodging and they usually come with heaters so that if you get cold, you can heat the RV at night in order to stay warm. If you don’t love the idea of staying in hotels every night, you might find it a better option to simply stay in the RV, which is also your source of transportation.

Driving Tips

Now if you’re not used to driving when it’s snowing, you will need to go slowly. One thing about winter road trips is that the driving can become dangerous if you’re driving recklessly. If you feel like a road is not very safe for an RV, you should take it very slowly to avoid spinning out or hitting a patch of ice.

Choosing routes during wintertime is very important. You’ll need to pay close attention to the weather. Look out for snowstorms and blizzards because driving during these kinds of weather conditions is dangerous. If you notice that a storm is headed toward a particular highway or route, you should look carefully for an alternate route so as to avoid getting hit by the storm.

If you do find yourself in a storm and feel like it’s not safe to drive, you should pull over in a parking lot or get off the freeway and stay inside until the storm passes. It’s better to either go slow or don’t go at all, especially if you’re in a rental. This will keep you safe and you’ll be able to enjoy your trip better.

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