Is Dubai An Ideal Destination For A Holiday?

Published On October 27, 2015 | By Davin Jasoon | Travel

When people choose holiday destinations, the chances are pretty high that they will look for places that offer:

  • Lots of entertainment opportunities.
  • The best possible range of food and cuisines.
  • Shopping of course.
  • Outdoor adventure.
  • Cultural and architectural splendor and even
  • The opportunities for some quiet getaways every now and then.

Dubai is one place that offers all the above and then some more when it comes to holiday activities and this is exactly why it is an ideal destination.

ideal destination


Entertainment is one of the ‘themes’ of holidaying in Dubai. There are so many ways in which you can have the greatest time possible in Dubai. Some of the things that you can do and enjoy are:

  • Ice skating in Dubai Mall.
  • Dining in a vast array of restaurants and hotels – star hotels and local eateries.
  • Walking in places such as Dubai Marina and Beach Residence Walk.
  • Visiting magnificent places like Dubai Miracle Garden and
  • Theme parks such as SEGA Republic.

Of course there are plenty more so all you have to do is make a list of the places and activities that hold the most interest for you and visit them.

Quiet time

Dubai is a maximum city and is bustling day and night. But is also offers one very unique opportunity to get away from it all and live the life serene! This opportunity comes by way of a dhow cruise. Hire a traditional Arabic dhow for a Dubai dinner cruise and gently waft down some of the best waterways in the world. While you are doing this, you can enjoy some delicacies at your table too.

Dubai dinner cruise


Of course Dubai is synonymous with shopping. Some of the places that you can visit for shopping are:

  • Dubai Mall.
  • Souks such as Deira Gold Souk and Bur Dubai Souk
  • Electronics at Al Fahidi Street and so on.

Incidentally, when you visit the Dubai Mall, you can also get the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular Dubai fountains. If you time your holiday in Dubai, you can enjoy the various shopping festivals such as Dubai shopping festival which starts in January every year.


Dubai also offers plenty of opportunities for adventure sports. You can take part in dune bashing, safaris of various kinds, water sports, sand skiing and indoor sports across many venues all over the city. Your adventure can also take on a exclusive dimension by ascending to the topmost floor of the BurjKhalifa which can give you a spectacular view of the world around you.


Dubai is filled with wonders – many of them manmade of course. Visiting the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque and the Bastakia Quarter will give you the opportunity to enjoy traditional culture and elaborate carved fixtures such as doors, minarets and so on. You could also visit the waterfront heritage area which will give you the chance to look at the former home of Sheikh Saeed of the half al Maktoum.

Truly, Dubai is an ideal destination for a holiday in so many ways. Perhaps this is why people keep going back for more!

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