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Published On October 28, 2016 | By Davin Jasoon | Travel

For anyone who loves animals there is little that can beat the chance to see them in their natural state at the Singapore Night Safari. While we have all grown accustom to seeing animals in zoos, this is a far superior way to see an amazing variety of animals from tigers and fishing cats to hyenas and zebras. The first night safari to open in the world, it continues to delight visitors with sightings of the rare and endangered Malayan tiger as well as a host of other great predators.

This 90-acre rainforest features seven zones that host over 2,500 species. Whether you take one of the several tram expeditions that wind through the various areas or decide to walk along the pedestrian trails, you will be amazed how active this area is at night, with animals from a variety of locations and all living as they would in the wild.

Five Zones to Choose

One of the great decisions made when planning this night safari park was to create five separate zones, each reflecting a different type of environment. That said, the animals look quite comfortable along the rainforest of the Upper Seletar River. These zones are authentic recreations of areas where these animals would feel quite at home. The five zones are The Himalaya Zone, the Indian Subcontinent, Equatorial Africa, the Wallaby Section and the Asian Riverine Forest. Each of these five zones have their own creatures that live as if in the wild, yet close enough to foot trails and tram routes to entertain the most ardent lover of animals.

Nightly Performances Entertain

In addition to these areas where visitors can enjoy seeing many creatures, there are nightly entertainments. The park has an amphitheatre that hosts a nightly show, Creatures of the Night. In addition, there are local tribal performances and a fire dance, the Thumbuakar Performance that continues to thrill audiences.

Dinner and a Show

While the safari is held at night, that doesn’t mean you can’t be treated to a great meal while you are there. The Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant features local delicacies and lots of traditional village treats. If that is not the sort of meal you want, you can order everything from the best of gourmet cooking to simple fast food hamburgers for the kids.

The Gourmet Safari Express offers a unique experience of dining while on board a moving tram. You can view the jungle, see the variety of animals in their natural habitat and even book large groups so you can share the experience with friends and family.

An Evening of Entertainment

As you can see, the Night Safari offers a complete evening of entertainment. You can enjoy dinner in a jungle atmosphere, take tram tours of exotic locations and then stroll along walking trails that bring you close to the action. Close out your evening with a couple of performances from locals, and maybe even sit back with a drink or two before heading back in the local skytrain and buses that run all night from the city to this outstanding reserve. No matter what you plan, this will be a night to remember.

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