The Different Kinds of Travel Insurance

Published On August 3, 2016 | By Davin Jasoon | Travel

When you are going on holiday, you try to make sure that everything is covered before you ever set out. Holidays have a way of compounding normal costs and snowballing into big problems. To avoid these big problems, you need to make sure you have travel insurance that can cover just about anything that might come up.

The compounding costs can take many different forms. For example, if you are on holiday and you miss your flight, you might have to pay extra to get on a later flight. That later flight means you’ll show up to your hotel later than you had expected. If you miss your check-in time, you might have to pay extra to check into your hotel. You might also miss a dinner reservation or have to pay a cancellation fee. Those are three fees that can come from missing your flight. If you have other responsibilities or obligations, you could end up with even more fees. If there aren’t any later flights, you might end up having to get a hotel room near the airport, which would be yet another expense. All those fees will compound very quickly, snowballing into something that you might not be able to afford.

The best way to handle this possibility is to invest in travel insurance. Different kinds of travel insurance will cover cancellation fees, medical expenses, and much more.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are one of the most common considerations when you are thinking about buying travel insurance. It’s absolutely essential for anyone who has pre-existing medical conditions; however, it can be very difficult for those with these conditions to find quality medical insurance. For the insurance companies, providing insurance is a business decision. They provide you with an insurance plan that covers certain areas. They charge you based on how likely you are to make a claim and how expensive that claim is likely to be. If they believe you are more likely to make a claim, they will charge you more because they are less likely to make a profit off you. It might seem callous, but that’s the way the decision-making process works. For that reason, those with pre-existing conditions have a more difficult time finding good quality insurance. Insurance companies believe that a medical condition makes you more likely to file a claim, and that that claim is likely to be more expensive. Now Travel Insurance will even cover you if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

The types of conditions that are covered differ depending on which provider you choose and which plan you choose. Cruise travel insurance is another kind of insurance that you need to consider.

Cruise Insurance

Cruise insurance covers medical expenses that you might incur while you’re on a cruise. If you’re going on a cruise, you should know that your standard travel insurance probably won’t cover your expenses; you need specific insurance. Cruises require a special kind of insurance because they have specific difficulties. Typically, cruises travel through several different countries. Every country has a different healthcare system; in fact, in some countries, the healthcare system can change from district to district. That means covering you in all those farflung places can be very expensive for an insurance company.


If you need medical help while you’re on a cruise, you could end up in a particularly difficult situation. Typically, there is a medical bay on a cruise ship, but they are limited in the services they can offer. If you have a serious medical emergency, you will probably need to be flown by helicopter to the nearest hospital. A helicopter flight is incredibly expensive; thus, your insurance company will charge you more because the potential costs are so high.

On cruise insurance, you should look for missed departure cover. A cruise ship docks and departs on a very strict schedule to make sure that it hits all its destinations on time. If you miss that departure, you could be stranded at a port. That means you’ll have to get some kind of transportation to the next destination where you can meet back up with your cruise ship. That transportation could be quite expensive, which is why it’s important to get insurance to cover the cost if that becomes a necessity.

Single Trip and Annual

Typically, travel insurance comes in two different varieties: single trip and annual. Single trip insurance covers you for one holiday. Annual insurance covers you for several holidays per year, and it renews automatically. The choice between them depends on how much time you intend to spend on holiday or travelling. If you only travel once or twice a year, it might be most affordable to buy single trip insurance. A single trip insurance plan is a little bit more expensive per plan, but if you only need one or two plans, then it is going to ultimately cost you less money.

However, if you intend to travel frequently, you need annual cover. An annual plan is actually going to be less expensive for each holiday, because the insurance company knows you are a loyal customer. You won’t have to pay as much to be covered, and that will save you money on multiple trips.

Additional Options

If you’re going golfing or intend to take part in winter sports, some cover could be beneficial as well. Golfing comes with several different fees that you might have to account for. You have to figure out how to cover green fees, equipment rentals, and much more. For winter sports, you need to be able to cover skiing or snowboarding lessons, equipment rentals, equipment replacements, and similar expenses. If you break a binding on the mountain, that shouldn’t be the end of your holiday. You should be able to get the expense of your equipment repairs covered so you can go back to having fun on holiday.

A holiday is supposed to be about having fun. Having all your bases covered by a quality insurance plan frees you up to enjoy yourself fully.

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