Things To Do While Taking Your Dog To Hiking

Published On June 3, 2017 | By Davin Jasoon | Travel

If you’re planning to take your dog for the next hiking expedition, then you’re about take a great step. Not everyone has the stamina and mindset of taking their family dog for a vacation and especially hiking. From many inspiring blogs, you can know how the humans have teamed up with their canines while hiking on the tricky roads whether on the hilly trails or through the jungles.

But before you move forward and take the dog for hiking, you must know and do a few things. Read the given suggestions before your set out for the journey—

Training the dog

When you’re planning to take your dog for hiking then the canine needs a proper training before accompanying you. If you have the knowledge to train dogs, then it’s fine, you can plan and do it on your own. But if you’re not well aware of training the canines, hire an efficient dog trainer that can help the dog learn to be obedient before moving off for the hiking.

Carry a first-aid kit and water

It is strongly suggested to carry a first-aid kit along with you while hiking whether alone or with the dog. You’ll need it to take care of the canine as well as yourself. Carry a dog drinking bowl and some food while hiking.

Checking the dog’s health

Before taking the dog for a hiking expedition which demands more strength and energy, check out the health of the canine. Let the vet decide whether he/she is capable for the hiking or not. If required, the doctor can also suggest some medicines that can make the canine fit enough for the adventure.

Get a Dog Backpack

Buy a good quality dog carrier backpack for hiking and let your wear dog it and carry some of the essential stuff required during the adventure tour on the trails. It can contain a camera recording his journey. You can also keep the dog’s food and medicine along with a bottle of water in it. But make sure you’re not making it too heavy for the canine. Service dogs of large breeds such as German Shepherd, Doberman, Rottweiler, and even Labradors have ample strength to take a few pounds extra than the midsized canines. So, considering the weight and breed of your dog, pack the backpack.

These are a few things that you can consider while going off for hiking with your dog.


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