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You’re probably already thinking about the things you can do and destinations you will go to upon your stay in Japan. And whatever your reasons of visit, a plan to secure a pass by acquiring a VISA should be on the top of your priorities list in preparing for your Japan adventure. Unlike any other Asian countries where you can just book a ticket and fly, going to Japan needs a lot of preparation. And after all the hassle, it is truly rewarding!



Anyone from any other country can visit the Land of the Rising Sun. However, as of July 2017, Japan has taken measures concerning the VISA Exemption Arrangements with 68 different countries and regions.

The nationals and citizens of these 68 countries are not required to obtain VISAs to enter Japan. That is, for a short-term stay (15- 90 days or less) when their visits are for tourism, commerce, conferences, visiting relatives, et cetera; and are not allowed to engage in paid activities in Japan. Foreign nationals who receive compensations and exceed their period of stay agreed upon in each country’s arrangement of short-term stay will be required a VISA.

Nationals and citizens that are required a VISA are those from China, Russia, CIS countries Georgia, Philippines, and other nationalities.

For the list of the 68 countries with VISA Exemption Arrangements with Japan and the number of allowable days of stay; and the procedure of obtaining VISA for countries without VISA Exemption Arrangements, you may visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.


For persons who wish to stay for more than 90 days or perform remunerative work in Japan:

  1. Make a plan to travel to Japan.
  2. Prepare the required documents.
  3. Apply at the Japanese Embassy/Consulate with the jurisdiction.
  4. The application is examined in the Embassy or Consulate.
  5. After completion of the examination, get your passport back.
  6. If the Visa is issued, enter Japan within 3 months.


The required documents differ depending on the nationality, travel purpose, et cetera of the applicant. For additional and exact requirements needed, refer to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate-General of your country.

  1. Valid Passport
  2. VISA Application Form (available at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s website or at your country’s Japanese Embassy/Consulate General and accredited travel agencies)
  3. Photograph (45mm x 45mm or 2in x 2in)
  4. Government Identification
  5. Airline Tickets
  6. Hotel/Hostel Bookings
  7. Other necessary documents such as:

7.1 Letter of Guarantee Form

7.2 Letter of reason for invitation (single) or (multiple) Form

7.3 List of visa applicants Form

7.4 An overview of the company / organization Form

7.4 Schedule of the stay Form

7.5 Itinerary in Japan Form

7.6 Invitation letter Form

NOTE: All the forms mentioned above are available on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s website or at your country’s Japanese Embassy/Consulate General and accredited travel agencies.



  • The VISA application should be made by the applicant at the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General with jurisdiction over the country where the applicant’s passport is issued.

**In some cases, the application may be made by an accredited travel agent approved by the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General.

  • The required documents necessary for an applicant’s VISA application differ depending on the travel purpose and the applicant’s nationality.

**In some cases, documents prepared by the inviting person in Japan are required to be submitted along with the documents prepared by the applicant.


  • As long as there are no particular problems with the application’s content, the processing period for the issuance of VISA is approximately 5 working days from the day of the acceptance of the application. It might take less time, however, depending on the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General and the purpose of visit.
  • In cases where there are problems with the application’s content, the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General transfers the application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for further examination and may take more than a month before the issuance.


  • The period of validity of a single-entry VISA is three months and is only valid for entering Japan once. A landing permission (legal basis of a foreigner’s stay in Japan) is stamped in a foreigner’s passport by immigration officers at the airport/seaport upon completing the immigration procedures. Upon stamping the landing permission, the VISA immediately becomes invalid.
  • Extension of the period of validity of the VISA is not possible. If you wish to extend your period of stay while in Japan, consult with the regional immigration bureau.


A Japan VISA will only be issued to an applicant who meets the necessary requirements:

  1. The applicant has a valid passport and is entitled to the re-entry to his country of residence or nationality.
  1. The applicant’s submitted documents are authentic, complete, and satisfactory.
  1. The applicant’s activities to be engaged in Japan, the civil status, and the period of stay meet the requirements for the status of residence and the period of stay stipulated in the “Immigration Control Act”.

Applying for Japan VISA should not really be a hassle if you comply with the necessary documents required by your respective Japanese Embassy/Consulate General. And always remember that it is your best bet to apply for the VISA ahead of time before your scheduled flight.

Good luck and have a safe and adventurous trip to Japan!

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