Why is it Good Day to be in Amsterdam?

Published On July 10, 2016 | By Davin Jasoon | Travel

I’ve recently returned from my homeland of England, where the government has become a bizarre Macbethian pantomime the likes of which I have never seen.  No matter.  I’m back in Amsterdam, my chosen city, home of the Amsterdam Beer Bike Bar Crawl and Amsterdam Beer Bike and I couldn’t be happier.

 Don’t get me wrong there are things I love about my country.  I love Yorkshire pudding, gravy, roast potatoes, pasties, cheddar cheese (I like food), cider, the British Museum, the British Library, the pond I used to fish in back in Cornwall where I grew up and a host of other mostly food related things and places that occupy a halcyon lit region of my memory.  But right now, I am in love with Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam is one of the top Tourist destinations in Europe this year, but what is it that draws visitors from all over the world to this incredible city?

Amsterdam has a world famous reputation as one of the principle cities of Europe, and every year millions of people arrive there to discover what this vibrant metropolis has to offer tourists.  And there is a lot on offer!

Amsterdam is built around a historic canal network that was built at the beginning of the 17th century.  The Amsterdam Canal Network is more than 100 kilometres (60 miles) long, and features more than 60 individual canals, over 1200 bridges and almost 90 islands!

This incredible feat of civic engineering has been declared a UNSECO world heritage site, and every day it plays host to hundreds of tours and cruises that are the most popular tourist attractions.

But this is far from all Amsterdam has to offer – the range of tourist activities runs from canal tours to Club AIR Amsterdam VIP Table and Bottle Night and Urban Golf Amsterdam services.

Amsterdam’s tour companies compete to offer the biggest range of activities.

The scope of attractions available in Amsterdam, represented by the contrast between Club AIR Amsterdam VIP Table and Bottle Night and Urban Golf Amsterdam services, reflects the incredible diversity of the tourist attractions on offer.

This has created a tourist industry in Amsterdam that borders on the predatory – companies vie to outdo one another in terms of access to services and scope of activities offered.

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Often companies subcontract repeatedly with one another in order widen the range of activities they have on offer.  All of this works in favour of the tourist who is offered incredible breakdown prices as a result of the intensive business competition.

Tourism is a controversial subject in city politics.

Despite the incredible financial success of Amsterdam’s tourist industry, it remains a highly controversial issue within city politics.

Many Amsterdammers object to the way in which the city is marketed.  They object to the focus placed on nightlife and the Red Light Districts, which they argue portrays the city in an unrealistic light, highlighting elements of the city’s culture that some locals do not feel is really central to Amsterdam’s culture or history.

Some people also object to the rowdiness of visiting stag and hen parties.  Although these groups spend large amounts of money in the city, some businesses and citizens consider them a nuisance.

 Despite this however it seems clear the larger part of Amsterdam’s native population is eager to cash in on the millions of visitors that Amsterdam’s tourist industry draws each year.

Many bars, restaurants and nightclubs offer special deals for tourists and the city council is very open to allowing outdoor tourist activities to take place in the city.

Regardless, it is hard to stem the tide of visitors – Amsterdam hosts hundreds of events, conventions and large scale festivals, making it a top destination for people with a huge range of interests.  Amsterdam’s tourist industry is sure to keep growing in strength and size.

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